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    07.12.07 Опубликована звуковая версия церемонии награждения победителей конкурса "Мрежа-2006"
    08.10.07 Разъяснение по поводу участия православных сайтов в "Премии Рунета-2007"
    02.02.07 Итоги первого конкурса подведены на XV Рождественских чтениях
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    I Am Addicted?

    To conclude our comments on gambling addiction (and so that we have the feeling that we have adequately informed about all dangers), we show you a small test of an addiction clinic with which you can check whether you already belong to the extended group of people at risk of addiction. If you answered yes to more than three of the following 19 questions, you are in any case latently at risk and should control your gaming behavior.

    If you still do not want to quit the game, then play only in the best and recommended online casinos, which you can choose here.

    The questions are set very closely. And that's a good thing. You don't have to be instructed right away if you are now shocked to find that you have answered three or more of these questions with yes. But you must never underestimate the dangers. We have seen so many gambling addicts. As if they were fixed! Only gaming seemed to exist for them. Her nerves were tense, her insides longed, screamed for risking more and more. Their desire, their addiction increased, blazed to a fire that destroyed the last reservations and they gambled. And then their pale faces, drawn with horror, who had to watch as the croupiers cleared their chips from the table and left only empty spaces. Losers who, deprived of their existence, had to take a path that was previously unimaginable for them.

    Petty greed, fatigue, indolence must not burn out and defeat your character. You should never draw the stigma of an addicted gamer, a tainted, negative and weak character. Nothing left to be proud of. Also provoke the lure of the unbridled game, you must never capitulate to them, this enemy who can destroy all money and you.

    eparchia.ru каталог православных интернет-ресурсов * мрежа - сеть (церковно-славянский)